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For some time now, Siroco Mojácar has become a benchmark in fashion for having a wide variety of models of boots-sandals, season after season.

Every year we renew our models of these original sandals with boot cane, adapting them to the new trends of the moment. With fringes, with conchshells, with feathers, metal beads, wooden... High cane,drop cane or both options, with boot cover, straps and accessories, or without them.
It is difficult to find another online store with the variety that Siroco Mojácar offers you in these original cane sandals. It will also be difficult for you to find them at a better price.


We don't know and don't care, but we really like them and we will continue to offer you all those the most outstanding models of the season.
We like the idea of wearing uncovered fingers (as with any sandal) and the 'style” that the boot rod provides.
We can't stop thinking about spring and summer when we talk about this kind of footwear. Sandals boots represent a comfortable and easy alternative to combine with dresses, skirts or pants. They are an alternative to boots - the use of which does not only fit the cold months of the year - by providing the freedom that your feet need to enjoy the moments that this time of year offers us.
If you are already thinking about your summer holidays do not forget to put in your suitcase a pair of boots-sandals, because they match with all your summer spring outfits. The colors? Toasted tones are always a good choice, but the new slightly more daring colors broke in a long time ago: pink, red, yellow, green, black or animal print.


It is the most representative footwear of the boho style, which today is more present than ever in fashion. It is a trend that began in the 1950s, when many bohemian artists gave up the luxuries offered by society in search of freedom not only artistic, but also emotional. It was the hippie movement that, without being aware of it, that implanted this style that was characterized by dressing in a comfortable and fluid way.
That's why both garments and boho accessories have freedom of movement and are easy to wear. The main materials of this trend are fringes, lace, crochet, feathers....

We love that casual style that arises from a comfortable and chic combination and that gives a lot of personality to your look, since the boho style more than a way of dressing is a way of life.

The most special moments must be accompanied by your best clothes and accessories. So, fashion at our feet, to make every experience a unique and unrepeatable moment.


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