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Boho fashion, a timeless style

In Siroco Mojácar we bet on the Boho Chic style that is hitting so hard in cities like New York, London or Paris. But it is not necessary to go outside Spain to see great examples of the Bohemian Chic style. Without going any further, Ibiza has become the exponent of a style that perfectly combines vintage clothes and hippies with modern ones looking for a style that is characterized by its comfort and contrast without falling into stridency. We will know more about Ibizan fashion.

What is the Boho or Ibizan style?

Its name comes from the Bohemian Chic contraction, but in English-speaking countries it does it from Bohemian Homeless, whose literal translation would be vagrant elegant or stubborn in style.
Although we refer to the bohemian chic style as Boho fashion, the truth is that it is best defined as a style. Something much more timeless and never goes out of style, which does not mean that it does not evolve.

This way of dressing has become popular in recent years thanks to actresses and relevant models such as Kate Moss, Sienna Miller or the Olsen sisters, but the truth is that the bohemian hippie style has been among us for several decades.
Its success lies in how easy it is to combine the pieces and the comfort of these, allowing us, for example, to wear boho boots in summer since they are much cooler than other types of boots and booties.

Features of hippie boho fashion

Se priorizan las prendas sueltas, livianas y vaporosas como los caftanes, pañuelos, chales, bufandas, ponchos, pantalones bombachos, botines ibicencos, sandalias y sobre todo una amplia gama de complementos como sombreros, colgantes y pulseras con un marcado rasgo étnico.
Los chales y pañuelos son prendas perfectas para soportar las altas temperaturas del día y noches de verano que además proporcionan un toque de glamour y se adaptan a nuestra silueta.

The same goes for Boho sandals boots or the same boots. A perfect shoe for day to day and for more refined events where we want to wear a special look based on this trend.
The Boho Chic 2019 trend continues to deepen the most defining aspects of the Ibizan style: bohemian, hippies, country, vintage and folk elements that, although coming from large cities, can be adopted by anyone with character and daring to combine such different and complementary garments like an old floral dress and a denim jacket with boho heels. 
The key to the Boho trend is the contrast: the old with the new, the chic with the rural, the workman's boots with a classic skirt, the fringed jacket with a baggy pants and sandals. And all this always accompanied by accessories such as belts or hats, pendants and bracelets.
As we have said, Boho Chic is a combination of vintage and modern, hippie and ethnic. Therefore, one of the fundamental aspects of the Bohemian or Ibizan imprint is the use of accessories such as pendants, necklaces and bracelets of marked ethnic or cultural origin such as Indian necklaces, Egyptian bracelets, tribal earrings or a pre-Columbian poncho, which, combined with a classic denim jacket or fringed leather jacket and a very left-handed leather bag result in a surprising, modern and daring look that is also compatible with other ethnic styles such as Australian boots. La moda ibicenca también puede ser elegante, pues el atrevimiento y el gusto no tienen por qué estar reñidos y en esta ocasión los accesorios hippies, étnicos y folklóricos combinan muy bien con toda clase de vestidos de noche.

Boho Chic boots, bags, scarves, hats and other accessories

As you may have noticed, accessories are a fundamental part of the Boho trend, so without them your Ibiza, hippie and bohemian outfit will not be complete.
The bags will always be large, embroidered with floral, tribal or fringed patterns. Also leather, but always rough, untreated, something rustic. 
The hats are perhaps the most striking of the accessories that define the Bohemian style. Not for something they are a timeless element of fashion that never ceases to appear collection after collection in the different parasalas. Always associated with past times and classic or bohemian styles, which by their contrast with more current garments print a unique character to your look. In addition, they are the perfect ally for any very sunny day, which has made it worthy of being an indispensable part of the Ibizan style of dress. 

Boho Chic boots and ankle boots, comfortable and for any time 

Boho Chic boots and ankle boots, comfortable and for any occasion
Boho style ankle boots have become very fashionable and it is not for less since they are very comfortable and at the same time enjoy very attractive designs and easy to combine with almost any garment.
As a general rule, they are low boots since freshness and freedom of movement are sought, so you can use them both with summer dresses and with shorts and long. They are ideal to show off your legs.
Hippie fashion is characterized by seeking comfort, so most of the Ibiza boots are without heels or with a low and wide heel with which to walk without noticing that you are wearing the boots on.
As you will see in our catalog, hippie boots have very rustic colors with a wide range of browns such as taupe, beige, kaki, coffee or camel. Without forgetting the black boho boots, a classic.
The openwork, embroidery and fringes are of rigor; as well as the use of belts, buckles and zippers next to shoelaces that are pure adornment. Ethnic motifs, feathers and all kinds of jewelry are also common along with belts and fringes, giving the boot set a style that can be very sober or ornate depending on the model.

Buy cheap Boho Chic boots online

You already know us and you know that in Siroco Mojácar we are always up to date so you cannot miss the autumn winter 2019 season in boho or Ibiza boots.

If you are looking for new boots for a wedding, a party or just love the Boho style, you will surely find the boots that best suit your style, be it this hippie boho, ethnic boho or folk boho. And always at a spectacular price because you already know that, if you are looking for cheap boho boots and booties online, only in Siroco Mojácar you will find what you are looking for.


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