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Women's high boots with or without closure are the inseparable companions of your short dress, ideal for the night because of their sexy touch, combining them with mini dresses or long dresses with high openings.

While the taller girls opt for flat high boots, the shorter ones take advantage of those inches of height provided by the heel.Leaving shyness out is a must to get into the glamor car accompanied by your high boots. Find allies such as belts and wide-brimmed hats to bring roll to your outfit. It is ideal to combine our musketeer boots with leggins, tights or pants of the same tone as the boot, to enhance the style.

In Siroco Mojacar we have a collection of high boots at an unbeatable price, high quality, leather, with high cane, black and with exclusive colors.

High boots, a classic at the best price

The high boots, also known as musketeer boots are a classic that has evolved and has adapted to casual outfits without forgetting their elegance. So much so that being a winter footwear, now it is common to find them also in spring and autumn combined with all kinds of garments: jeans, skirts, leggins, coats, sweaters ...

The black and brown musketeer boots are the most bought because they are the ones that best combine with all kinds of clothes and colors. Buckles and straps are the main ornaments that we will find in high boots, but fringes, tassels, zippers, hairs, prints, seams, shiny and belts also appear to mention some of them.

The heels also make their appearance in this type of boots and they do it from modest heels or wedges of a few centimeters for the models designed for day to day and casual looks to the high heels for the most refined party boots with which to style your legs and get a few extra centimeters.

Leather and leather are the most sought-after materials but the suede and synthetic materials allow us to enjoy this type of boots at a very attractive price and to be able to have a more nourished and varied shoemaker and to release boots every season.

How to wear high boots

Although we associate high boots with elegance and exclusive events, we cannot be more wrong. The musketeer boots are a very easy shoe to combine in winter with all kinds of coats, skirts and pants. A very casual look is to combine them with jeans, oversize sweaters, or a short skirt next to a long coat and your high boots from Siroco Mojácar.

The red color is the strongest going to hit this 2019. Its striking color will make the eyes focus on them and on your legs, which you can stylize with a stockings with a thin line behind or bet on a pair of tights or leotards. As you can see, these boots are ideal to look sexy and show off your legs and lingerie.

New season in musketeer boots

In addition to red and classics such as black and brown, beige, blue and white high boots also take center stage at a time when looks become more and more daring.
The laces also come back strongly and this winter we will see many high boots with laces, stealing prominence from the buckles, which remain in the most classic models.

The wide-leg musketeer boots also have their place this 2019 season and we will see them a lot on the street in different casual looks where the wrinkled reeds and prints will be the kings of winter.


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