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Country boots for women

The country boots, also called cowboy boots, and in some cases financial boots, are especially appreciated for the character they print to our outfit. And is that boots are one of those elements that can turn an ordinary look into something extraordinary. You just have to find the perfect country boots for that skirt, dress or pants that you want to wear today.The footwear reflects like no other complement the personality of each one, so choosing them is something very personal and as for tastes the colors, in Siroco Mojácar we have a great variety of women's boots. The most popular are black, brown and blue cowboy boots. Colors widely used when we talk about this type of rustic style footwear. If we talk about design, the high rods are the ones that take the most, although there are very interesting medium and low cane designs this season.

How to combine country boots?

It is very easy to take advantage of women's cowboy boots. The possibilities are endless and the range of colors helps facilitate that we combine them with virtually any skirt or dress, which are the garments with which they look the most when leaving part of the leg in sight, although they are also spectacular with jeans.
A cowboy look can not afford to dispense with a pair of high-top boots with the indispensable jeans. But if you are more risky and looking for a more fresh and daring look we assure you that with a plain plain dress or with prints (especially floral) the result is spectacular.
Tanco with dresses as with skirts, pants and denim jackets, this season having brown or black cowboy boots as a wardrobe is a fantastic option.

Ideal accessories to combine with country style boots

Ideal accessories to combine with country style boots
Although we can reduce the prominence of our boots without recharging much the look, with some care and some advice we will get just the opposite effect.
The Far West spirit of cowboy boots makes it perfectly match with accessories such as scarves or ethnic hats inspired by the Old West. They also look great with jeans and leather vests. And if they have fringes it is a must!
Any type of pendant or bracelet from the Old West or contrast aviator glasses are also very interesting options

Types of cowboy boots

There are two main types of cowboy boots, the high boots and the low boots. Then we can find medium cane, wide cane, etc. But mainly the first two types are the most used, especially high cowboy boots.

High Boots

As the name implies, the cane of these boots is high, easily exceeding 30 centimeters and reaching the knee. Having so much surface, the cane is adorned with prints, bas-reliefs, fringes, zippers, braids or tassels in order to break the monotony and give each boot a unique look. It is easy to find them also with heels up to 5 centimeters, somewhat discreet, being also a wide heel for comfort. They are ideal for those days when you want to fix more, parties, events and especially for fairs such as Rocío and any pilgrimage in the countryside.

Low Country Boots

Although with the same style as the high-top, the low-style country boots are ideal for day to day thanks to their comfort and how easy they are to combine with any garment, especially long pants in winter and short dresses in summer. 

Buy Cheap Country Boots Online 

Siroco Mojácar offers you an extensive catalog of country style footwear and boots to go to fashion for very little money. And all without queuing in stores and without leaving home, buying and enjoying.

The origin of country boots 

Its origin dates back several centuries when the work in the field was much more demanding than now and required a sturdy footwear and high cane that covered the calves of the day laborers. Today, the country-style boots have transcended beyond their humble origins and have become a garment for everyday use and for events such as El Rocío and other fairs and pilgrimage, giving birth to another type of boot known as rocie or boto rociero boot .


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