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If we talk about fashion and basic clothing for women, we could include the romper as an indispensable in your wardrobe.
Women's jumpsuite are one of our favorite garments because they are very versatile and are perfect to wear your workdays or for occasions when it is necessary to go a little more arranged. You should know how to combine it properly: the key to turning it into a garment for occasions or everyday use, is to play with the accessories.

If you choose a jumpsuite in a single color, a smooth jumpsuit, you can incorporate various accessories such as a bag, belt, necklace or bracelet into your look; If the jumpsuit is printed, opt for eye-catching earrings, but never abuse different colors on accessories.

The term romper or "jumpsuite" defines us with a one-piece garment: body and tight-knit trousers. It first adapted to the work sector and was subsequently introduced to sportswear because it was a comfortable
It was in the 1920s that they began to design theway as a novel garment for women.


But the history of this unique piece, which has become a must-have, had nothing to do with fashion but emerged as a work garment.

The jumpsuite were first used by workers in the coal boilers of steam locomotives in the UK. It was a one-piece suit that prevented soot from entering the waist when they were preparing to clean them.
The jumpsuite and the garments that were derived from them were also used by World War II pilots. They were cotton jumpsuits and a flame-resistant aramid fiber material that was developed in the early 1960s

But it was in 1919, when the Italian designer Thavaht began to design one of his most famous works: the "Tuta", which he considered to be the most innovative and futuristic garment in the history of Italian fashion. This garment was an early example of what we now know as monkeys or divers and although it was conceived as a practical element of fashion for everyday life, it was welcomed as a whim for the high society of Florence.


Being one our favorite garments, we try to gather the most beautiful, comfortable and eye-catching women's jumpsuits.

We have new models every season: long jumpsuits, short jumpsuits, crossed jumpsuits, smooth or patterned fabrics...
Discover the women's jumpsuite of Siroco Mojácar, where we collect the latest trends in women's fashion. We put together for you a collection of women's petos and romper for summer 2020.
Find the long-haired jumpsuits to dress up and to party or a celebration. Choose from the best models of short jumpsuits or long jumpsuits. Black, white or other fashionable jumpsuits. A dress or party jumpsuit will always be an alternative to classic costumes or dresses.
But you can also wear this comfortable garment if you are rebellious in spirit. Just look for the jumpsuite that looks your personality.
For a long time, Siroco Mojácar linen jumpsuite have come to different points in Spain and Portugal to wear the spring and summer of many of our customers. Many of them repeated garments, in different colors, season after season. The Lino jumpsuit from Siroco Mojácar is a wide, fresh garment with a lot of 'trend”. We are already looking forward to seeing the new colors from Siroco Mojácar's 2020 linen jumpsuite collection.
And when the heat is hot, a short jumpsuit is an ideal garment to combat high temperatures. Casual inspiration, pleated, printed fabrics or plain color, ethnic or boho style jumpsuits... Now it's up to you to decide which of this unique piece is the one that best suits your style.


In this same section Siroco Mojácar offers you a variety in women's pants. This season the pants above the ankle are trendy: the so-called 'cropped' trousers in their decunt version, paper-bag, joggers, type of tweezer... Models like the Waco Jeans are starting to arrive: a jeans whose head on the hem make it one of our favorite ethnic jeans.

But you have many other options like choosing a black or plain color pants to achieve a somewhat more formal look. A trouser of tweezers whose use you can leave to go to work or office or one of paper-bag style, high waisted and tight that will allow you to define something more your figure.

Also let's not forget one of the most comfortable and casual models of women's pants: the jogger or tracksuit pants that is already one of the most seen trends among celebrities. They have gained a great weight in fashion by combining them with message T-shirts or a deaper jacket.

Special mention of baggy pants, one of the most comfortable options when choosing a trouser. They are trousers with drop of light fabrics or cotton, pants with an elasticated waist and a low waist.

Another star model is the palazzo trousers (in fluid fabrics, plain colors, prints, stripes...). A style of trousers with high waist and wide to the feet, made of fabrics with drop and very typical of the 60s. But you know, fashion trends always come back.

Now it's up to you to choose the trousers you are looking for: cigarette, jogging, jeans, relaxed fit, loose fit, cropped, boyfriend, mom, flare, palazzo, pitillo, Slim, straight... The possibilities are endless.


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