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  • Escocia Black Coat

    Another fetish garment: Scotland coat. One of the trends this season is the houndstooth print, which returns renewed. So that your houndstooth coat becomes the main protagonist, opt for the eternal total black as an infallible option to achieve a style that follows the guidelines of the black and white pairing. * Only online sale DETAILS BELOW

    16,58 € 82,90 € -80%
  • Long Coat Ulupoo Camel
    RE200030 CAMEL

    A masculine cut coat essential in your wardrobe, the ruffled fabric and the detail on the sleeves will make the difference this fall-winter! A long coat for women that will become a basic in your daily looks! * Details below ONLY ON-LINE SALE

    10,38 € 51,90 € -80%


The jackets and coats have as their mission to isolate us from the cold during the winter. The jackets boho of wool are perfect for spring and autumn. It is going to be the garment star during the coming months as we shall always to go to the street and will cover the remainder of our outfit to keep well warm when we get out of the house.

If something we are clear in Siroco Mojacar is that fashion boho we love, and it is also why we include in our collection of autumn-winter this selection of coats and jackets boho.

Because the boho chic is not just a thing of the summer. And is that although our head is go to sunny days, beach, sand, sea breezes and getaways night fashion hippie is present the 365 days of the year.

We can consider boho any type of shelter with an eclectic mix of trends and styles: skin, fringes, stamped, fringes, belts, etc. which makes them very striking and stylish. They are also too easy to combine with any garment, especially with denim and some boots. We will find many coats of natural colors, most, but with some notable exceptions in the background color that will serve as a canvas for other items such as embroidery, stamped and materials. The details hippies and ethnic will give its own personality.


The jackets Long and loose, as well as the woolen coats are also part of the collection autumn winter fashion boho that is coming to our shop.

Designed for the autumn and the first days of spring, these garments point and wool are ideal to configure a outfit casual and modern that can become elegant if we combined it with a nice dress and some boots or shoes with heels.

The boho tends to nature and therefore the shades of green, brown, blue and brown are so frequent. Colors are more frequent than you will find as a basis of the coats and jackets. However, the black is omnipresent and is found in all the categories of fashion boho. By its size and elegance is one of the favorite colors for us.

The jackets boho of wool loops through the range of pastel colors from the purple and purple to colors teja and coppery without leaving the always elegant black. The jackets indie make a show of prints, designs hippie, fringes and all kinds of ornaments and jewelry ethnic like the coats.


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